Your Top 5 News Stories - September 9, 2021

September 09, 2021

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Investing in marijuana: A beginner’s guide to cannabis stocks and funds

Investors see the profit potential as New Frontier Data expects total legal cannabis sales to grow 16% a year and reach $43 billion by 2025. 


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Growing your own cannabis is legalized in Italy

In Europe, Italy joins Spain and the Czech Republic to decriminalize at-home cultivation of cannabis (up to five plants) for personal use.  


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Medical cannabis unlikely to benefit most chronic pain patients, international researchers say

International researchers reviewing analysis found some evidence of medical cannabis’ value, but not so often to merit wide recommendations. 


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The Mysterious Ingredients in Your Cannabis Vaporizer — and the Health Risks They May Pose

Medical researchers fret about phytol and pine rosin, natural plant derivatives that may be harmful when inhaled at vaping temperatures. 

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Cannabis sales increases during COVID-19: Findings from Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington

Record, pandemic-related 2020 sales were seen across the states, including respective three-year peaks in May (in Washington) and July 2020. 


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