Your Top 5 News Stories - September 30, 2021

September 30, 2021

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New Frontier Data Predicts Global Cannabis Sales to Hit $51 Billion by 2025

A linked webinar titled “Exploring the Global Cannabis Economy” features stakeholders’ discussion of the global cannabis industry’s future. 

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Legal Share of Cannabis Market Moves Up

New Frontier Data projects that by 2025, 42% of total annual U.S. cannabis demand will be met by legal purchases in regulated marketplaces. 


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Federal Marijuana Legalization Vote Expected in House Committee on Thursday

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday bumped debate and a vote about federal legalization of cannabis until expectedly resuming today. 


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Tumblr to allow marijuana businesses to advertise in CA, CO

The social media platform is now accepting nationwide CBD ads, and statewide advertising for cannabis companies in California and Colorado. 


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With cannabis edibles everywhere, dogs are getting stoned on neighborhood walks

The ASPCA Poison Control Center says across 2017-2020, calls nationwide for cannabis ingestion rose over 2.7x, from 1,436 to 3,923 cases.  

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