Your Top 5 News Stories - September 29, 2021

September 29, 2021

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America Is Changing; Cannabis Tells the Story

New Frontier Data projects that cannabis legalized federally and in all 50 states could mean 1.46 million jobs and $175.8 billion in taxes. 


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The World Goes to Pot

New Frontier Data reports how combined legal U.S. and Canadian sales should reach $51 billion by 2025, adding impetus for Europe to follow. 


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Michigan Fab Five's Chris Webber to bring a $175M cannabis 'compound' to southwest Detroit

The NBA Hall of Famer’s hometown company will include a dispensary, training and cultivation facilities, and private consumption lounge. 


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College use of cannabis increases as alcohol consumption drops

The National Institute on Drug Addiction reports that college use of cannabis has increased 6% versus a simultaneous 6% drop in alcohol use. 


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New NOVA Documentary Shares What We Know — And Don’t — About Cannabis

“The Cannabis Question” examines the actual effects of cannabis use, its socioeconomic roles in the U.S., and what remains unknown about it. 


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