Your Top 5 News Stories - September 23, 2021

September 23, 2021

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Italy will be first to light up Europe’s weed biz

With 57% of Italians likely backing a referendum, the country may turn from its current restrictive system into Europe’s most liberal one. 


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U.S. House endorses cannabis banking reform as part of defense bill

A fifth time passing the House may work for the SAFE Act, as the must-pass NDAA greatly increases the odds of the Senate’s consideration. 

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Step Inside America’s Most Unusual Marijuana Farms

From former police academies to pharmaceutical complexes-cum-greenhouses, cultivation companies are getting creative about their facilities. 


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Switzerland’s Zurich to Begin Recreational Cannabis Trial in 2022

Switzerland’s largest city is set to begin a unique, adult-use cannabis trial next year, which stands to impact all of the Europe markets.  


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Irish Food Safety Officials Order Recall of Products from Three CBD Brands

The Irish authorities ordered an urgent product recall for three CBD brands, claiming that the products contained unsafe levels of THC. 

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