Your Top 5 News Stories - September 20, 2021

September 20, 2021

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Cannabis Canada Weekly: Global sales to top $50 Billion USD by 2025, analysts weigh in on retailer results

New Frontier Data expects the bulk of legal sales to be driven in North America, while consumers worldwide already number some 268 million. 

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Cannabis Weekly Round-Up: Global Industry to Reach US $51 Billion by 2025

New Frontier Data’s “Global Cannabis Report: Growth & Trends Through 2025” offers essential insights about revised industry expectations. 

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The Bar Is Now Open at More College Football Stadiums

To offset pandemic losses, athletic departments are seeking alcohol sales, gambling partnerships, and cannabis sponsorships to raise money. 

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Michigan Cannabis Sales Increase 52% to $165.6 Million in August

After $985 million in 2020 cannabis sales, better supply and distribution have helped year-to-date overall sales rise 97%, to $1.15 billion. 


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Acting FDA chief suggests no quick solution to CBD ‘stalemate’

The administrator stressed that the FDA is abiding the established law, and wants more scientific evidence about CBD to support its safety. 


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