Your Top 5 News Stories - September 13, 2021

September 13, 2021

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As Cannabis Industry Matures, the High-End Craft Cultivation Market is Set for Growth

The sector should prove highly successful as consumers and producers experience its maturation in medical and recreational cannabis markets. 

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How Cannabis Growers Can Compare for Early Season Cold Weather

Early storms the past two years spurred Colorado lawmakers to pass a law to give growers contingency plans in case of adverse conditions. 

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Unique NYC real estate firm helping new pot businesses navigate the new landscape

In New York State, legalization of cannabis has created opportunities overnight for an industry that’s going to reach $5 billion a year. 


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College students reported record-high marijuana use and record-low drinking in 2020, study says

About half of U.S. college-age students reportedly consumed cannabis in 2020, suggesting that the COVID-19 pandemic spurred the record rate. 


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Will there be enough marijuana in New Jersey for the people who need it?

An advocate frets that state cannabis regulators are allowing for adult-use sales at possible risk to meeting demand for medical patients. 


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