Your Top 5 News Stories - August 31, 2021

August 31, 2021

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Cannabis Sector Stalwart Tilray Now Outperforming Some Big Tech Stocks

Despite some dips in the past year, Tilray has provided returns on a percentage basis to outpace tech players like Tesla and Facebook. 

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The cannabinoid CBN might be cannabis industry’s surprise hit

Sold almost exclusively as edibles for sleep aids, CBN products have reportedly been worth more than $65 million in sales in the past year. 


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Panama's Congress approves medical cannabis bill in unanimous vote

The bill would serve to regulate the use of medical cannabis, making it the first Central American country to legalize a national program. 


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In Clashes Over Cannabis, Race, and Water, Hard Data Is Scarce

Amid controversy over an era-defining megadrought and groundwater pumping, cannabis has taken center stage in Shasta Valley, California. 

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Cannabis smoking lounges off to successful start in Illinois. ‘60- and 70-year-old dudes walking in with their tie dye.’
Successes among bring-your-own consumption sites will likely spur reconsideration of legislation to expand events, sites, yoga, and tours. 



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