Your Top 5 News Stories - August 30, 2021

August 30, 2021

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What Is Preventing Cannabis Legalization in the U.S.?

Though 91% of Americans support some form of cannabis legalization, any fewer than 60 bipartisan Senate votes will block its going forward. 


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Federal Taxation of Cannabis Under Proposed Legislation

The draft CAOA’s proposed tax regime raises important practical and policy questions begging to be reconsidered by the act’s sponsors. 

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Could Eye-tracking Data Detect THC Levels?

Canadian researchers suggest that preliminary data may detect the presence of THC toward assessing driving-related effects of cannabis. 


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He Didn’t Like Cannabis, But Andrew Cuomo Was Big Marijuana’s Best Friend

New York’s new governor may pivot from Cuomo’s granting major first-mover advantages to established, Big Cannabis businesses and investors. 

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Half Baked: How a Would-Be Cannabis Empire Went Up in Smoke
Even as the pandemic offered a boon for a delivery start-up in Indiana, stakeholders realized having pinned their hopes on faulty premises. 



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