Your Top 5 News Stories - August 3, 2021

August 03, 2021




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Recreational Marijuana on the Table Again in Ohio

While unlikely, if Ohio pols pass an adult-use program, New Frontier Data projects sales to exceed $1 billion annually by its fourth year. 


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Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Needs to Be Discussed, says Argentina's President Alberto Fernández

Noting parallels to alcohol and tobacco, the politician tactfully said that adult-use legalization is "a debate that will have to be held." 

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Cannabis Experts Skeptical Of Latest U.S. Reform Bill

Analyst: Rather than passing a broad cannabis package, advancing smaller, more incremental reforms seem to present likelier successes. 


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Trial to test if cannabis-based mouth spray can treat brain tumors

Already given to MS patients whose conditions have not improved with treatment to reduce their spasticity, Sativex may kill tumor cells. 

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Virginia: Garden Stores Swamped by Would-Be Cannabis Growers

It is legal in Virginia to possess small amounts of cannabis, but for now the only way to obtain it legally is by growing it at home. 



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