Your Top 5 News Stories - August 26, 2021

August 26, 2021

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New Mexico Approves Cannabis Rules and Prepares for Legalization

New Mexico officials released rules for cannabis producers, and plan for interested applicants to begin submitting for licenses this week. 


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Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission faces timeline setbacks

Growers now cannot apply for Alabama medical cannabis cultivation licenses until Sept. 2022, when products were expected ready for sale. 


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Aurora sends first shipment of ‘free’ marijuana to France

The Canadian producer joins Australian, British, and Israeli peers in giving medical cannabis to a pilot program for up to 3,000 patients. 


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New Trial To Probe Cannabis-Based Treatments for Gynecological Conditions

Israeli clinical trials in 2022 will study the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis to address painful reproductive conditions for women. 

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The High Price of Federal Marijuana Legalization
A legalization opponent says Sen. Schumer’s draft bill should focus on decriminalization with heavy regulation and no role for Big Tobacco. 


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