Your Top 5 News Stories - August 25, 2021

August 25, 2021

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Banking on Cannabis: the New Network of Lenders for a Semi-Legal Industry

(Subject to paywall) Reform is needed by an industry that New Frontier Data projects to jump from $20 billion in 2020 to $41.5 B in 2025. 

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Why Cannabis Tech Is Now More Valuable Than Cannabis Itself

Recent investment moves reveal how data, delivery, and traffic are the industry’s golden gooses over any grows, dispensaries, or strains. 

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These 5 Cannabis Companies Have Combined for More Than $1 Billion in Quarterly Revenue

Even before the New Jersey and New York markets come onboard, lessons about the red-hot cannabis market can be gleaned from these companies. 



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Indiva revenue surges on growing appetite for cannabis edibles

Edibles sales in Q2-2021 reached CAD $8.4 million ($6.65M USD), and 93% of Indiva’s revenue, some 445% higher year-over-year than in 2020. 


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New Mexico agency adopts cannabis production rules
The state’s Cannabis Control Division announced its first rules, with more to come in 2022 regarding retailers and testing facilities, etc. 


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