Your Top 5 News Stories - August 24, 2021

August 24, 2021

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Legal weed dispensaries banned in more than 70% of NJ towns: Where will you buy marijuana?

A reported 71% of local municipalities took advantage of an Aug. 21 deadline to opt out before a five-year moratorium on bans took effect. 


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West Coast Cannabis Growers Operating Under Ongoing Threat of Wildfire, Smoke

Though the region’s growers prepare for wildfires and smoke year-round, pressures mount with warnings that fires may rage through December. 


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The Oligarch and the Marijuana Fund

Months after a Russian billionaire’s plans for a vertically integrated cannabis business, he was dead and his $164 million business defunct. 


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Apple and Google Play Stores Offer Another Cannabis-Focused App

Re:source lets consumers shop from springbig-powered dispensary menus and loyalty accounts to earn points for purchases and promotions. 


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Trym adds crop steering to its cannabis seed-to-sale platform
Adding Trym’s new analytics to its seed-to-sale software lets cultivators track cannabis plants while maintaining regulatory compliance.  


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