Your Top 5 News Stories - August 10, 2021

August 10, 2021

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How Big Is Germany’s Cannabis Market?

New Frontier Data: Germany’s 83.7 million residents make it the EU’s most populous nation and world’s third-largest medical cannabis market. 

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Is the U.S. Cannabis Market Doomed to Fail Like Canada’s?

Despite the travails seen in the Canadian market, financial experts say that the U.S. market will not encounter the same difficulties. 

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Reducing Cannabis Testing and Label Failures

A need for testing standards is underscored by cases of negligence and fraud committed by cannabis-testing laboratories in multiple states. 



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Curbing Cannabis Copycats: How to Protect Your Brand’s Reputation as Marijuana Companies Try to Make Their Mark

Puns lose humor when major brand owners legally sue cannabis companies for alleged trademark infringement, dilution, or unfair competition.  


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An inconvenient truth (about weed)
Inefficiencies due to America’s patchwork legal approach conspire to make cannabis cultivation more energy-intensive than int needs to be. 



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