Your Top 5 News Stories - July 8, 2021

July 09, 2021




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Start Spreading the News: The New York Cannabis Market Will Shape the Future of the Industry
New York should serve as an international vanguard for cannabis social consumption, delivery, Wall Street investment, and social equity. 


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Recreational pot is legal in New York. Four factors that could strengthen the cannabis sector
Brands are created in California, but established in New York, especially as the industry shifts from illicit markets into the mainstream. 

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The 10 Best LinkedIn Cannabis Groups for Networking in the Weed Industry
The social platform is one of the best ways for cannabis entrepreneurs to network, whether in discussions, idea-sharing, or virtual events.    

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White House Suggests Reconsidering Marijuana Rules for Athletes
Three months after citing cannabis use to fire White House staff, the Biden administration suggests “another look” at rules for Olympians. 


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How the heatwave is supercharging cannabis growth – special report
While record heat in the Pacific Northwest and Canada has been catastrophic for fruit and vegetables, cannabis farmers find a bumper crop.    

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