Your Top 5 News Stories - July 7, 2021

July 08, 2021




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Brand-Building in the Cannabis Industry
As momentum increases for U.S. legalization, so does it for federal filings and registrations of cannabis-related products and services. 

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Defining cannabis customers
Institutions’ lack of definitions for “cannabis-related” businesses result in inconsistent interpretations and muddled implementations. 

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Delta-8-THC craze concerns chemists
Lacking regulatory oversight or reliable lab testing, many Delta-8 products are not what they claim, instead introducing unknown impurities.   

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Marijuana Industry ‘Will Continue to Grow,’ Federal Economic Panel Says While Recommending Classification Changes
While short of what industry advocates favor, the moves show federal officials’ admitting the legitimacy of the legal cannabis industry. 


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This Accounting Change Could Drastically Impact Cannabis Companies' Profitability
Whether a company uses U.S. GAAP or International Financial Reporting Standards impacts predictability and quality amid earnings results.     

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