Your Top 5 News Stories - July 30, 2021

July 30, 2021



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A new cannabis strain is drawing praise in the industry and scrutiny among lawmakers
New Frontier Data has tracked Delta-8 THC′s rise, and draws insights about some of the legal cannabis and hemp industry’s growing pains. 


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Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos & Richard Branson: Which Market Leaders Will Make Up the Cannabis Industry Space Race?
Sector stakeholders surmise how both established cannabis brands and major outside corporations will ultimately vie to lead the industry. 


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Cannabis Pharmaceuticals Are Hopeful as Senate Drafts Bill to Legalize Marijuana
Republicans likely remain opposed to any Democratic plan, especially over restorative justice or government oversight of a legal industry. 



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COVID Cannabis Consumption Expected to Remain High Even After Pandemic
A new North American consumer survey reflects positively for U.S. markets’ outlooks, while suggesting a more clouded future for Canada. 

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Colorado’s Cannabis Business Office to promote social equity
The state-run office aims to provide financial and technical assistance to entrepreneurs while creating jobs in a $2.2 billion industry. 


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