Your Top 5 News Stories - July 29, 2021

July 29, 2021




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Five Industries to Buy Hand Over Fist When the Stock Market Crashes
Girded by New Frontier Data's projection for U.S. cannabis sales to reach $41 billion annually by 2025, American stocks offer opportunities. 


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More states impose cannabis potency laws
Some have already begun limiting the amount of THC in a single packaged serving, as others have prohibited high-potency cannabis outright. 

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Does Big Business Provide a Better Look Into Cannabis Reform Than Capitol Hill? Operators Believe So.
Activity by private and public companies may serve as a better indicator of federal regulatory activity than any officials on Capitol Hill. 



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Green and pleasant land? The future of cannabis use in the U.K.
Cannabis has used for centuries, but newfound acceptance in a new normal will impact how the next generation engages in their leisure time. 


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High cost of business: Small-plot cannabis grower struggles to prevail
California farmers are challenged by being instead regulated as commercial businesses needing commercial road access and building permits. 



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