Your Top 5 News Stories - July 20, 2021

July 20, 2021




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Amazon endorsed legal weed. Will it now fight to make it happen?
As New Frontier Data projects an industry poised to quadruple within four years, major players will vie for positioning within the space. 

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Entities: How Cannabis Businesses Can Elevate Their SEO And User Experience
Entities help search engines attain a higher rate of accuracy in delivering results, which is further extended with the support of keywords. 


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U.S. Pot Legalization Bill Gets Frosty Reception
While industry stakeholders and cannabis advocates eagerly awaited a bill that they hoped would offer a panacea, it arrived with a thud. 



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‘Ridiculous’ Price of Medical Marijuana Leaves Patients Scrambling
Prices often remain prohibitively expensive for those who rely on cannabis to alleviate their chronic pain, nausea and other conditions. 

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My Cannabis Brand Was Shut Down by Instagram. Here’s How We Rebounded
A recent wave of warnings, deletions, and suspensions via the platform has led some social-media experts to offer advice and remedies. 

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