Your Top 5 News Stories - July 19, 2021

July 19, 2021




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Insider Cannabis: Week in Review
The chart of the week features New Frontier Data’s look at the top 10 state markets in the multibillion U.S. medical cannabis industry. 

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The Future of Cannabis Is Female: Gen Z Women Are Fastest-Growing Consumers of Legal Weed
The industry is about well-designed packaging, regulated information labels, lab-tested ingredients, standardized dosing, and branding. 

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Check out the pitch decks that hot cannabis startups used to raise millions from top investors
Among cannabis startups raising millions in recent years, here are 13 presentations that companies have used to win funding from investors. 


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Republican lawmakers aren't with the public on marijuana
Three major polls in 2021 reveal that Americans’ opinions about cannabis are in stark opposition to an older demographic of politicians. 


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Is the Czech Republic on the cusp of a cannabis boom?
A European study found the Czech Republic with the most young cannabis users, having over a fifth of ages 15-34 admitting to consuming it.  


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