Your Top 5 News Stories - July 12, 2021

July 12, 2021




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Big Tobacco Flirts with Non-Smokeable Marijuana: Cannabis Weekly
A foray into beverages could put BAT in competition with large consumer-products companies, such as Molson and other Big Alcohol players. 

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Introducing America’s Hottest Brands of 2021
Lots of cannabis retailers are hitting the market, but none quite so splashy as Cookies, a chain founded by Billboard-topping rapper Berner. 

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Interstate Cannabis Commerce Is an Overblown Concern for Now
Interstate commerce is coming, if likely not soon; until then, investors should focus on companies most able to navigate in the status quo.   

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Could cannabis be made legal in U.S. under Joe Biden? Signs are mixed.
While President Biden has lent support for medical cannabis rights and decriminalization, he yet refrains from endorsing full legalization. 

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Can Marijuana Make You a Better Athlete?
The most common refrain from athletes who use cannabis is that it helps calm their nerves and alleviate anxiety; can it aid casual workouts? 

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