Your Top 5 News Stories - July 1, 2021

July 01, 2021




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New Mexico: Governor pledges equity in budding cannabis industry
The state is the 17th where cannabis is legal for adult use, but sales cannot begin until state rules are finalized by April 1, 2022. 

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What Would Federal Cannabis Legalization Look Like
Washington, D.C.’s own regulated industry is a microcosm of how cannabis policy is shaped by the federal government’s uneasy prohibition. 

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Drones offer outdoor cannabis cultivators precise solutions
Drones can maximize time, resources, cost savings, and access to crops, yet minimize emissions and soil compaction by traditional equipment. 

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The Acceleration of Cannabis Legalization Is Creating Jobs for Veterans as Armed Security Guards
Private security outfits serve a growing market given the attractive targets which cash-flush, legal cannabis businesses pose for robbers. 

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You can drink your high this Fourth of July with these five cannabis-infused drinks
Especially in an era of heightened germ-awareness, THC-infused party beverages offer some increasingly popular means of social consumption. 

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