Your Top 5 News Stories - June 30, 2021

June 30, 2021



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America’s Pot Labs Have A THC Problem
Critical issues of lab fraud are likely to increase as more states legalize and regulations grow increasingly dependent on measuring THC. 


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Six Best Marijuana ETFs to Buy in 2021
Investors may prefer simplified cannabis investing strategies through cannabis ETFs as individual cannabis stock selections can be riskier. 

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Supreme Court Justice Thomas Calling Federal Cannabis Prohibition ‘Contradictory and Unstable’ Signals Legalization Is Near
Noting how federal government has passively allowed state-legal markets, Thomas says that it might have forfeited authority to ban cannabis. 



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Republicans are watching their states back weed — and they’re not sold
With 60 Senate reform votes needed, some lawmakers are unmoved by the mandated will of their constituents in regard to legalizing cannabis. 


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How Unregulated Cannabis Is Threatening West Coast Wine Growers
Some wine stakeholders see cannabis as a risk to tourism, quality, and marketing, while others invite proper regulation and cross-branding. 


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