Your Top 5 News Stories - June 29, 2021

June 30, 2021




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Justice Clarence Thomas Is the Unlikely Cannabis Supporter on the Supreme Court
The court’s decision not to hear a cannabis-related tax case opened a window for Thomas to question the “half-in, half-out” federal policy. 


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Mexico supreme court strikes down laws that ban use of recreational marijuana
The court rejected the prohibition of adult-use cannabis, compelling legalization even as the country’s lawmakers stall over regulations. 

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In The Push Against Cash, Cannabis FinTech Meets The Industry Where It Is
A rising faction of B2B solution providers are helping the cannabis industry to jump into a digital-first financial management strategy. 



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How the pandemic positioned S.F. to become 'the Napa Valley of cannabis'
Despite COVID-19 restrictions, the city retained 38 medical cannabis dispensaries and 75 other supply-side and delivery companies. 

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Business is booming for drugs such as cannabis – but it’s profit not health that motivates this new industry
A United Nations call for a global ban on cannabis advertising aims to help “public health interests prevail over business interests”.


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