Your Top 5 News Stories - June 25, 2021

June 25, 2021




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Money & Markets: Cannabis Industry 5-Year Forecast
New Frontier Data projects Q2-2021 legal cannabis sales beyond $6.1 billion ($3.3B in adult-use sales, and over $2.9B in medical sales). 

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Why Investors Can Be Cautiously Optimistic About Major Cannabis Reform in the U.S.
Motley Fool contributors share why investors may be cautiously optimistic about the prospects for federal cannabis reform to be on the way. 


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United Nations calls for global ban on cannabis advertising
Similar to its efforts to limit tobacco marketing and use, the UN recommends member nations to implement and enforce advertising bans. 



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Regenerative Farming In Cannabis/Hemp: The New Art Of A Lost Science
Regenerative farming refers to planting crops outdoors in native soil restored off-season with local elements and minimal external inputs.

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Father of cannabis celebrates 90th birthday at int'l cannabis conference
Seven months delayed by COVID-19, attendees of a symposium he helped found 31 years ago toasted Professor Raphael Mechoulam’s 90th birthday. 


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