Your Top 5 News Stories - May 25, 2021

May 27, 2021


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A New Frontier For CRE: Cannabis Brokers Work To Corner The Market Before The Big Names Make A Move
As states legalize cannabis, investors are pooling resources and anticipating each release of regulations before making bets on real estate. 


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Epic Fails in International Cannabis Investing – Stories From the Trenches
In markets where much is being built on the fly, it is essential to understand specific regulatory environments and keenly review proposals.  

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Big Candy Is Angry
Pending industry-wide packaging standards for cannabis edibles, candy companies are suing to protect their brands — and public safety. 

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Oy, Canada! Pot Goes Bust Up North
While New Frontier Data projects steady growth through 2025, Canada’s regulated market has been hampered by advertising and marketing bans. 


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Why has President Biden been slow to embrace cannabis reform?
The political climate may push Biden to buck his age and resume to craft cannabis reform and relations with the groups he needs to succeed. 



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