Your Top 5 News Stories - May 24, 2021

May 24, 2021



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The U.S. cannabis industry’s one big problem: Too much cash
New Frontier Data found that last year’s sales boom may have left cannabis companies dealing with cash piles worth more than $10 billion. 

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Size Matters: The Total Addressable Market of Cannabis/Hemp is Far Bigger than Analyst Predictions
A venture capitalist in the industry (including New Frontier Data) expects legal cannabis’ global market impact to hit $1 trillion by 2027. 

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Survey Finds Almost 70% of Clinicians Believe Cannabis Has Therapeutic Value
Noting how clinicians are typically responsible for recommending it, the summary calls for ongoing outreach about cannabis’ health effects. 

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Yes, Pot Is Legal. But It’s Also in Short Supply.
Cannabis producers and marketers are rushing to meet what is expected to be frenzied demand for legal cannabis in New York and New Jersey. 

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Bill approved for production of medicinal cannabis by Greek Parliament
The bill passed 158-33 calling for the production, extraction, and distribution of medical cannabis products containing over 0.2% of THC. 



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