Your Top 5 News Stories - May 21, 2021

May 21, 2021



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Marijuana Industry Should Be Represented By U.S. Trade Officials After Legalization, Top Senate Chairman Says
The Senate Finance Committee Chairman wants cannabis federally legalized and normalized in global commerce with U.S. trade representatives. 


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Cannabis Stocks Lighting Up the News This Week 
Canopy Growth names lifestyle maven Martha Stewart as its official strategic adviser; her brand extends beyond 70 million U.S. households. 


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Canadian cannabis sales rebound to almost CAD$300 million in March
The government notes a 13.8% uptick to a record of CAD$298.1 million (USD$247.4 million) as sales increased in every province and territory. 


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How Do We Grow Cannabis Responsibly?
Per New Frontier Data’s report on indoor cannabis cultivation labs, a call for government’s effective regulation for responsible production. 

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Two Cannabis Pioneers Talk Federal Legalization
A founder of the “first powerhouse marijuana law firm” which engaged with Colorado’s 2012 legalization discusses federal reform policies. 



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