Your Top 5 News Stories - December 6, 2021

December 06, 2021

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Cannabis Tax Revenue to Leap, Exceeding Take from Alcohol: Barclays

The firm expects legal cannabis tax revenue generated for U.S. states to reach $10 billion-$12 billion by 2030, exceeding that from alcohol. 


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What’s Going On With Cannabis Industry Licensing in the U.S.?

A summary of the 50 states’ cannabis markets groups them per their legal status, while noting which issues plague any licensing processes. 

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White House Pressed to Mediate Marijuana Finger-Pointing Between DEA and HHS

The OMB is being called on to settle a years-long dispute over an alleged violation of the Information Quality Act (IQA) regarding cannabis. 




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South African cannabis company lists on German Stock Exchange

As Germany moves to legalize cannabis, JSE-listed Labat Africa has posted shares in a dual listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE). 


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U.S. Veterinarians Now Have Their Own Medical Cannabis Portal

The Veterinary Cannabis Society has launched a website to parse research from dubious claims for vets, pet owners, and cannabis businesses. 


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