Your Top 5 News Stories - November 24, 2021

November 24, 2021

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As Germany legalizes cannabis, beware of 'premature' sales projections

A nation of more than 83 million represents one of the world’s largest adult-use markets, which may beat the U.S. to federal legalization.

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Uber Is Using the Canadian Cannabis Market to Experiment How It Will Enter the U.S.

Uber’s move in the Canadian cannabis market looks to be half research, half PR stunt to help the company enter the legal cannabis industry. 


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Up in smoke? The highs (and lows) of cannabis' investment case

Investors fret that without U.S. federal action soon, and a midterm congressional election next year, the division of power may shift again. 




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Calls To Open Up Cannabis Dispensaries Sooner Following Fentanyl Overdoses

Connecticut police call for state legislators to hasten the opening of licensed cannabis dispensaries to prevent more illicit opioid cases. 

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Still need a turkey? This Grand Rapids cannabis shop is giving them out for free

A Michigan retailer who once faced marijuana charges offers any adult visitor a free Thanksgiving turkey and/or a complimentary pre-roll.   


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