Your Top 5 News Stories - November 23, 2021

November 23, 2021

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2022 Will Be Year Of Consolidation And Competition For Cannabis, Says Industry Expert

A venture capitalist stakeholder explains some reasons why legalization may be a lot further off than in the industry’s consensus thinking. 


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Ayr Wellness cannabis company buys Dispensary 33 shops in Chicago for $55 million, looks to add more

New Frontier Data notes how existing businesses are much more valuable than any of the 185 new dispensary licenses the state has promised. 


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Few Medical Cannabis Licenses in Portugal Have Been Awarded

Far from an easy pass-through country, Portugal has proven to be a rather stringent port of call for all things medically cannabis-related. 




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Five Medical Conditions You Didn’t Know Cannabis Helped Treat

Among 36 states, territories, and reservations where medical cannabis is legal, U.S. applications and research efforts for it broaden still. 

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How Digital Identity Solutions Can Ease Compliance Challenges at Cannabis Vending Machines

Digital ID solutions can help fulfill regulatory requirements which otherwise can present significant obstacles for any automated system. 


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