Your Top 5 News Stories - November 17, 2021

November 17, 2021

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Brazil Is on the Brink of Medical Cannabis Change

More than 4x more populous than the next-largest nation in South America, Brazil prepares to adopt cannabis reform and big medical changes. 

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Meadow launches Dynamic Delivery to bring mobile cannabis dispensaries to California

The solution dispatches drivers and includes real-time inventory reporting, featuring geo-targeted SMS marketing for customized advertising. 

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Embrace retail cannabis, New York: Why localities should opt in

A public relations executive recommends outreach and transparency to discuss facts and dispel disinformation about cannabis and consumers. 




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Managing the risks of cannabis-touching entities

An attorney discusses some hazards for those operating in the cannabis space, including unique risk management as the industry is evolving. 


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Women More Likely to Substitute Cannabis for Prescription Drugs

Respondents also related a gender difference in women’s reporting lower levels of support by physicians than did men for medical cannabis.  

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