Your Top 5 News Stories - November 12, 2021

November 12, 2021

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Biden taps Califf to helm FDA — an agency where he has plenty of unfinished business

Watchdog group Public Citizen described Califf as a "recycled FDA commissioner pick" with anti-cannabis ties to the pharmaceutical industry. 


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Three of the Dirtiest Words to Watch for in Cannabis Earnings Reports

Investors should beware terms which hint at whether a company is diluting its existing shareholders, or that it is best to avoid the stock. 

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Before You Dive Into Those Chocolate Cannabis Treats This Holiday, Consider What Else May Be In Them

Stringent testing regulations on cannabis and hemp products are ironically shining light on a long-ignored, common contaminant in chocolate. 




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Thailand setting up one-of-a-kind international medical cannabis research centre

To create jobs and revenue, the Thai Public Health Ministry will be promoting medical cannabis along with Thai herbs and practices in 2022. 

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Israeli cannabis startup StickIt to produce 'cannabis sticks'

A California-based factory will produce StickIt's patented, toothpick-style design for inserting CBD to “hempacco” hemp cigarettes in 2022. 

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