Your Top 5 News Stories - November 8, 2021

November 08, 2021

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Investors sour on cannabis after Democrats fail to help industry

The lack of Senate Democrats’ action this year for legalization frustrates cannabis industry investors and stakeholders seeking expansion. 


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VA rejects cannabis research as veterans plead for medical pot

Scientists blame both the VA and DOJ for perennial stonewalling tactics against trials of plant-derived cannabis for therapeutic purposes. 


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In 5 years since Massachusetts legalized recreational cannabis, more than $2 billion in sales and 176 retailers, but still stigma to combat

The state’s industry has passed $2 billion in sales, yet hurdles remain in limited access to capital and an onerous local approval process. 



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It’s been three years since cannabis was made available on the U.K.’s NHS. Why has so little changed?

Though cannabis is technically available, anyone trying in practice to access it on the NHS will hit a frustrating bureaucratic dead end. 

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SAFE Banking status: Q&A with marijuana industry ally US Rep. Ed Perlmutter

Though he has sponsored it in every congressional cycle since introducing it in 2013, he has confidence that it will finally pass in 2022.  


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