Your Top 5 News Stories - November 4, 2021

November 04, 2021

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Support for Legal Marijuana Holds at Record High of 68%

A Gallup poll matched results from 2020, with majorities of U.S. adults across genders, ages, income, and education supporting legalization. 

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Biden Administration Can Legalize Marijuana Without Waiting for Lawmakers, Congressional Researchers Say

If the president cannot unilaterally deschedule cannabis by executive order, he might direct agencies to change their practical approaches. 

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Five Cannabis Experts Weigh In On Why the Future of Edibles Is Fast-Acting

Patent-pending technology is helping brands to deliver a quicker-hitting, more consistent high than that of traditional edible products. 



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Survey: 71% of CBD users self-determine dosage without consulting a professional

The 2018 Farm Bill’s lack of guidance per hemp or hemp-derived products in dietary supplements has left a huge policy gap in the industry. 


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Did Cannabis Legalization Help Canadian Stocks?

Cannabis legalization in Canada has not lived up to preliminary speculation, yet been far more productive and profitable than prohibition. 


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