Your Top 5 News Stories - November 2, 2021

November 02, 2021

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As Cannabis Legalization Expands, the Tech Firms Fueling Its Sales Are Exploding in Value

Celebrity brands and novel products aside, cannatech firms are vital for dispensaries to streamline business and attract and keep consumers. 


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No recreational cannabis business permits until 2023, NY regulator says

New York’s legalized recreational cannabis market will not launch for another 18 months as regulations are finalized, according to the state’s top regulator. 

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Let’s Get Digital: A Marriage of Cannabis and Crypto

As legal cannabis and cryptocurrency occupy some gray areas, their global markets are worth over $24 billion and $2 trillion respectively. 



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Massachusetts pot shops are a billion-dollar market, but cannabis industry still faces hurdles

One major setback during the pandemic was when the governor closed cannabis retailers for being non-essential as liquor stores stayed open. 


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California legalized weed five years ago. Why is the illicit market still thriving?

As many locales ban legal cannabis, operators cite high taxes, limited licensing, and high regulatory costs for limiting their potential. 

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