Your Top 5 News Stories - November 1, 2021

November 01, 2021

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Skylight Health Group agrees to sell legacy businesses

New Frontier Data’s $8.6 million acquisition represents the largest centralized source of U.S. medical cannabis patient consumption data. 


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Three reasons Big Tobacco could take over legal cannabis sooner than expected

Many Big Tobacco players are already positioned for cannabis production as soon as federal approval arrives from a legislative standpoint. 

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Edibles and beverages are popular choices with new cannabis users

The uptick in sales is attributed to familiarity, but also to nanotechnology allowing for a faster and more predictable onset of effects. 


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Psychedelics Take a High But Rocky Road

The global medical cannabis market is worth $12.9 billion in 2021, and the adult-use market $16.5 billion, according to New Frontier Data. 


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Atagi Named President and CEO of National Industrial Hemp Council 

Members, industry and international partners, and policymakers will meet with him this month during the NIHC’s 2021 Hemp Business Summit.

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