Your Top 5 News Stories - October 29, 2021

October 29, 2021

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Cannabis is one industry that's actually coming out of Covid even stronger

Despite the global pandemic, interrupted supply chains, ballooning inflation, and delayed federal legalization efforts, business is good. 

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How Is the Great Resignation Affecting the Cannabis Business?

Despite the general U.S. labor shortage, the legal cannabis industry in January started the year with more than 321,000 full-time jobs. 

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What The Latest Data Says About Cannabis, Drug And Alcohol Use Among Young People

National data shows that in 2020 pre-teens and teens had far less interest in using inebriating drugs, including cannabis or alcohol. 



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New York Publishes Guidance on Adult Cannabis Use and the Workplace – 4 Key Facts for Employers

The Office of Cannabis Management published guidance about cannabis, the workplace, and to detail employers’ rights and responsibilities. 

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Officials warn of cannabis-laced Halloween candy, but experts say the ‘razor blade’ myth has simply changed form

Research and logic reveal that public fears and urban myths over nefarious chemicals or items endings up in kids’ candy is long overblown. 

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