Your Top 5 News Stories - October 25, 2021

October 25, 2021

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With export restrictions eased, Colombia's medical cannabis business is poised for liftoff

Despite legalization since 2016, Colombian companies could only export active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), limiting opportunities. 


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California’s legal weed industry can’t compete with illicit market

Local opposition, high taxes, and competition from unlicensed businesses are hindering the state's push toward a thriving legal market. 


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Up in smoke? The highs (and lows) of cannabis' investment case

While the legal cannabis sector has gained plenty of ground, investors await the next development to turn cannabis stocks into green gold. 


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80% of Moroccans Believe Legalizing Cannabis Will Have Positive Impact

A survey of Moroccan citizens’ attitudes and perceptions towards cannabis found 4:1 support for therapeutic and industrial applications. 


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Cannabis Products Really May Have an Antidepressant Effect, Small Study Hints

Preliminary but incomplete research found the effects as strongest for patients who used products with larger amounts of CBD than THC. 

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