Your Top 5 News Stories - October 14, 2021

October 14, 2021

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Cannabis investment jumps 82% the second half of 2021, 165% over 2020 levels

Dutchie’s 2x valuation of $3.75 billion shows how cannabis companies are seeing larger checks from equity financing, for later-stage rounds. 

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Why I Think Big Tech’s Mixed Messaging on Cannabis Isn’t Going to Slow Down Legal Marijuana Brands

Conflicts among Big Tech giants about their cannabis messaging nevertheless reveal tacit support of cannabis reform and legalization. 

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Cannabis labels often wrong and misleading

Researchers advise the cannabis industry to take a more critical look at its product labeling, and use a more safe, scientific approach. 



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New NORML Report Highlights Concerns Regarding Sale of Unregulated Delta-8 THC, Similar Products

The cannabis lobby urges consumers to obtain delta-8 THC products only from state-regulated cannabis manufacturers, pending more research. 


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Is Traditional CPG the Way to Win at Cannabis?

Cannabis companies with quality brands can pump sales and raise revenue by using CPG partners with established global distribution networks. 


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