Your Top 5 News Stories - October 12, 2021

October 12, 2021

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Legal weed in New Jersey will blaze a trail for surrounding states, New Frontier Data says

Once adult-use sales begin in February 2022, out-of-state consumers will push Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, etc., to follow suit. 

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Senators Call on AG Merrick Garland to Decriminalize Cannabis

Senators Booker and Warren want a response by Oct. 20 whether the Justice Department will review marijuana’s current federal classification. 

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What will legal cannabis sales look like in New York City? Not even the biggest dispensary chain in the US knows.

Cannabis has been legal since last spring in what’s anticipated as the largest U.S. market, yet there remains no means to purchase it. 



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Analyst Explains Why Jushi Is One of the Best Cannabis Stocks Among Leading MSOs

An analyst says that the stock is being undervalued by investors not realizing the company’s proven track record and growth opportunity. 


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The A,B,C's of cannabis: What are all these 'new' cannabis products, and should I be trying them
Whether parsing the differences distinguishing CBD from CBL or delta-8 THC, there are points to consider about “new” cannabis products. 

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