Your Top 5 News Stories - June 8, 2021

June 08, 2021




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Senate narrowly votes to legalize marijuana in Connecticut
State senators approved a cannabis legalization bill which heads to the House before Gov. Ned Lamont (D) by Wednesday’s end of the session. 


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Nevada cannabis lounges legalized: What comes next?
In effect Oct. 1, the law allows for either a lounge attached or adjacent to a dispensary, or for a separate, bar-style consumption space. 


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Cannabis Addiction Draws Drugmakers in Search for a Treatment
As the industry grows toward New Frontier Data’s projection of $41.5 billion by 2025, some companies plan to market new drugs for addiction. 

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How cannabis companies use technology to get direct consumer feedback
Technology presents ways to use customer feedback, rewarding cannabis businesses with sophisticated data about what consumers like or not. 

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Q&A with Eric Hollander: Cannabis treatments for autism
An expert cites the need for more study and trials to aid up to 1% of the global population, including more than 3.5 million Americans. 


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