Your Top 5 News Stories - June 4, 2021

June 07, 2021




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CBD and The Power of Family
In analyzing consumers and nonconsumers, New Frontier Data’s new report underscores the importance of social networks on CBD consumption. 

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Yes, Amazon Will Sell Weed; Stop Worrying and Start Acting
The online retailer will likely sell cannabis as it does liquor, as federal legalization is unlikely to open a free-for-all marketplace. 


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MORE Act: Federal Cannabis Legalization Reintroduced in House
With new backing by Amazon, the MORE Act could provide major economic opportunities for plant-touching and ancillary businesses nationwide. 

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Texas will slightly expand medical cannabis program
HB 1535 would allow thousands more patients to access low-THC medical cannabis, yet offer little help fighting the dire opioids epidemic.


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China’s CBD crackdown deals blow to emerging market using cannabis-derivative in cosmetics
China’s formal U-turn regarding the use of CBD in cosmetics represents a major blow to a fledgling market which quadrupled in the past year.   


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