Your Top 5 News Stories - June 3, 2021

June 03, 2021




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Cannabis Advocates Praise Billion Dollar Market, Yet Afraid of Big Business
After long touting cannabis’ legal revenue potential, advocates resent Big Business seeking opportunities from federal legalization.  

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Why the Next Quarter Could Be Tough for Canadian Cannabis Companies
In four years, the U.S. market may be worth over 6x the Canadian market, sending growth investors to seek the more attractive opportunity. 


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Exclusive: Goodleaf-Highlands Merger Creates Largest Integrated Cannabis Co. In Africa
Combining South Africa’s leading retail brand and the former Canopy Growth Africa forms the continent’s first seed-to-sale operation. 

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Governor: Why Nigeria must legalize cannabis cultivation
Ondo’s state governor cited Thailand in saying how cannabis could be a strong foreign exchange earner if medical cultivation gets legalized. 

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What is cannabis tourism and why is it on the rise?
A travel B2B publication expects ever more cannabis-friendly restaurants and eateries to offer some inventive meals for consumers’ plates.    


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