Your Top 5 News Stories - May 27, 2021

May 27, 2021


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World’s Top Cannabis Exporter Edges Nearer to Legalization
Parliament has recommended legislation for King Mohammed VI’s approval, though recreational use, sale, and production will remain illegal. 


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Cannabis Bills Near Texas Legislative Finish Line, Diluted and Distorted
Pending debate around a Delta-8 ban, HB 2593 may be Texas' first successful piece of marijuana penalty reduction legislation since 1973. 

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Why Are So Many Municipalities Opting Out of Their State’s Adult-Use Cannabis Marketplace?
Even in California’s leading market, only one-third among nearly 500 municipalities have engaged since the adult-use program began in 2019. 

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Cannabis extractors share valuable lessons they learned during COVID-19
Diversifying supply, retooling shipping operations, and prioritizing employees’ well-being may be legacies from lessons of the pandemic. 


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Legal Hemp Is Attracting Young Farmers To An Aging Agriculture Market, Top Senator Says
Wyden asserts how cultivating hemp has “all these young farmers interested and coming back to the farm because they see so much potential.” 


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